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Rob Hutchison's votes on selected Council motions

Subject: "At Large" Elections

"At Large" ElectionsHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2014/03/10Put "At Large" Elections on a BallotOpposed Lost
2009/07/14Electing Councillors "at large" instead of "By District"Opposed Lost

Subject: Market Square Renaming

Market Square RenamingHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2007/06/19NOT collecting $22,946 in legal fees from Corinne FarberFavour Carried
2007/03/20Overturning the renaming of Market SquareFavour Lost

Subject: Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline

Enbridge Line 9 PipelineHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2014/03/04Request an Environmental Assessment for Enbridge Line 9Favour Carried

Subject: Red Light Cameras

Red Light CamerasHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2014/03/10Proceed with 10-intersection Red Light Camera ProgramFavour Carried
2013/04/11$50k for Business Case for Red Light CamerasFavour Carried

Subject: Flags

FlagsHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2014/03/04Fly the Autism Flag on April 2nd in Confederation ParkFavour Carried
2014/02/18Fly the Pride Flag during the Sochi Olympics, as with Other Cities.Favour Carried
2014/02/18Fly the Canadian Power Squadron Flag on May 17thFavour Carried
2013/04/23Fly the Pride Flag in Confederation Park from June 1 to June 30 2013Favour Carried

Subject: Conference Centre

Conference CentreHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2014/04/03Accept Development Proposals for a Downtown Conference CentreOpposed Carried

Subject: Kingston Ribfest

Kingston RibfestHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2013/07/13Exemption to the City of Kingston Municipal Alcohol PolicyFavour Carried

Subject: Aquatic Centre

Aquatic CentreHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2009/06/02Aquatic Facility Business Plan and Economic Impact as ultimately ammendedFavour Carried
2009/06/02Consider also making the pool 50m in lengthOpposed Lost
2009/06/02Consider finance via a 1.5% tax increaseFavour Carried

Subject: Heritage Resource Centre

Heritage Resource CentreHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2013/01/08Develop plans for a Heritage Resource CentreFavour Carried

Subject: Tett Centre

Tett CentreHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2013/05/07$1.7 M more for Tett Centre ConstructionFavour Carried

Subject: Sport Fields

Sport FieldsHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2009/11/17Track and Field Project Final Plan for the INVISTA Centre SiteFavour Carried
2009/08/04Increased Funding for Soccer FieldsOpposed Carried
2009/04/24$65,000 to renew 40-year old soccer pitch lights in PittsburghFavour Carried

Subject: Lake Ontario Park

Lake Ontario ParkHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2009/11/17Final Concept Plan – Lake Ontario ParkFavour Carried

Subject: Street Hockey

Street HockeyHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2008/07/24Approval of Street Hockey Policy and Code of Conduct on Residential StreeAbsent Carried

Subject: Belle Park Fairways

Belle Park FairwaysHutchison's voteCouncil vote
2013/07/13Private or Non-Profit operator for Belle Park FairwaysFavour Carried