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Financial issues

Civic policy issues

Why the KTA?

Kingston Taxpayer's Association

Promoting discussion of root problems in civic issues.

Advising taxpayers about issues they should be aware of before elections.

Mayoral Candidate votes where they differ on selected Council motions

This website tallies 53 recorded votes during the 2006-2010 term of Council.
Mark Gerretsen and Rob Matheson disagreed on 29 of them. Here they are.

Subject: Lake Ontario Park

Lake Ontario ParkGerretsenMathesonCouncil vote
11/17/2009Final Concept Plan Lake Ontario ParkFavourOpposedCarried

Subject: KEDCO

KEDCOGerretsenMathesonCouncil vote
12/06/2006Public meeting to consult on the composition of KEDCOFavourOpposedCarried